Grit & Grace: Meet Fit(ish) Beauty Tribe's Leader, Selina Miller!

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Hey everyone! Meet my friend Selina! I’ve known Selina since I was in Middle School, back in Grafenwoehr, Germany. My biggest secret? I really looked up to her, and my brother totally dug her. Back in High School, she was just so fun to be around, even though the only time I was around her was when we were on the school bus or at other school activities. Even though she looked really tough, Selina always said hi to me with a smile. (I know, I’m weird, whatever!) I’ve been watching Selina’s fitness progress on Facebook, and I’m so proud of how far she’s come! Girl, do you!

Hey everyone! I am completely honored to be featured on this blog. This year has been a complete game changer for me!

I'm Selina Miller, and I’m 29 years old. I have a 7-year old daughter and a 1-year old son. I grew up in Germany, but I currently reside in Virginia! This is my story about my fitness journey. Back in High School I was in a different sport every season. We had intense practices every day and I loved it, but I also loved food. A couple of my friends and I formed a group called "The Fat Club" even though we were far from it. Chili cheese fries, pizza, chicken wings, Popeyes, Burger King, you name it! Everyday! Back then, none of these delectable pieces of heaven had even the smallest effect on my body.

Fast forward to college, I attended the University of Texas at San Antonio to major in Liberal and Fine Arts. I chose that major because I didn't know what I wanted to major in at first. I continued to carry on the legacy of the Fat Club when I got to Texas. The only problem was that I had no more physical activity in my life. No more push-ups and sprints to save me from the double-cheeseburgers dipped in ranch. I started gaining weight, 25 pounds heavier (so much for the “Freshman 15”). I didn't even really notice until I would see pictures of myself. I’ve been trim most of my life. Having this image imprinted in my head put me in denial that I was gaining weight.

After two years of college, I decided to start the process of enlisting into the Army. My parents didn’t want me to, but I’ve always wanted to be a Drill Sergeant. I didn’t register for classes because I set my mind on going to basic training. I did very well on my ASVAB, but when it came to the physical portion, I was overweight. My recruiter tried to give me tips on how to drop some weight, but I didn’t listen. You can’t change bad food habits overnight.

Back then, if you were overweight, there was a task that you could perform to see if you could still go on with the Enlistment process. There were push-ups, which were no problem for me. It was the steps that got me. They would play a beat, and you would have to do steps for a certain amount of time, but you couldn’t miss a beat. I stood in front of the steps, and waited to start. There was a group of us praying to make it passed this point. When I first started, I thought, “this isn’t too bad,” so I kept going. Up, up. Down, down. Over and over again, until the last 30 seconds when I caught myself slowing down. I started crying, but I kept pushing, “just a little bit more.”

When we finished the trial, the Soldier that was in charge of the event said that I was ten seconds shy of where I needed to be. I cried, and told my Recruiter. I had missed the opportunity to do something that I’ve always wanted to do because I had let myself go. I let food control me. I was left with nowhere to go back to because I was so sure that I would make it to basic. I ended up moving into my grandmother’s house because my parents were still overseas. This started a yo-yo of lifestyles for me.

I found myself binging with food. First I would avoid food, and find myself shrinking down to almost 130 pounds. Then I would find myself eating my way back up to almost 200 pounds. This cycle continued for years. It was embarrassing to go on social media and see my friends from high school being successful and still living in their high school bodies. This depressed me. I was successful back in school, and then, I felt as if I were the complete opposite.

Then I had my daughter. I moved to Virginia right before she was born. I changed my mind set up and decided it was time to try and lose some weight. I ordered Turbo Jam, an exercise program that a friend had recommended to me.  I loved it, because even when my daughter was born, I could exercise without having to find a babysitter. I shed 40 pounds, putting me at a weight of 170 pounds, which was still higher than my ideal weight, but I was happier. I stayed in that range, but I still ate poorly.  At that time, I found myself unsatisfied with my minimum-wage factory job that wasn’t quite paying the bills. I was lucky to receive help from my parents, and I appreciated them for continuously helping me until I applied for another job. I put in an application to be an officer at the jail, which seemed like it was the closest opportunity I was going to have to being a Drill Sergeant. I landed an interview, and got the job. It’s a dangerous job, but I love it. This all continued for three years, and then I became pregnant again, and this time, I ate everything!

I continued to work out through the pregnancy, so I thought that I had earned the right to eating, and the weight I was gaining was “baby weight. When my son was born, he was a big baby, so big that he was laying transverse during delivery, which required me to get a cesarean section. After giving birth to him, I had the moment that I would never forget: when I stepped on the scale at home and saw the numbers “2-2-4”. I had never gotten that big before, and it was embarrassing for someone like me that’s only 5’6”. I knew I had to get serious with myself and fix my relationship with food.

I ordered Insanity Max 30 and signed up to be a Beachbody Coach in February 2017. I thought that being a coach would help me be accountable for my fitness, and it would help bring in some money at the same time. Working out at the gym every day was not going to be an option for me with two kids and working twelve hour shifts. The teammates I had immediately gave me loads of information. I was in private accountability groups where I had daily support from the comfort of my own home. They showed me how to calculate how much I needed to eat in order lose weight. I was surprised that this didn’t include skipping any meals, it just meant filling up on healthier foods and learning which foods my body didn’t react well to. They also introduced me to my favorite superfoods drink, that I drink every day and has seriously been a life changer.

They became my closest friends, and we learned new things every day and shared what worked for us. If someone was having a bad day, we would all help each other out of it. My weight went down from 224 pounds to 162 pounds! I couldn’t have gone this far without their support. I’ve learned so much from them. I know how to meal prep, how to calculate macros, how to avoid bad meal choices, but I also know how to let myself have the foods I love. I found balance, something I didn’t have before. I used to think healthy eating was expensive, which was one of my excuses for buying unhealthy choices every day, but you’d be surprised with how much you can save if you don’t eat out all the time.

In retrospect, I linked food to my emotions. I didn’t have many people to talk to because my friends and family were so far away. Joining Beachbody has given me a support group of friends that help me through the struggles, and cheer me on through the victories. I thought it as just going to be an accountability group and a side paycheck, but now it’s turned into a love of fitness. A love that died when I left high school. I turned it into a passion for helping others who may be going through the same yo-yo I was going through for years. It helped me become a better friend, mother, and officer. I now have better endurance and strength, which is important to my lifestyle. I can keep up at work, and keep up with my kids. You’d be surprised how wild a one year old boy can be!

Check out Selina's most recent progress shots!
Now instead of rewarding myself with food, I reward myself with experiences, especially with my kids. I’m focused on our health and creating real memories. If I could tell my 16-year-old self that fast-food isn’t a reward, then that would have saved me a lot of trouble. I’m confident in the choices I’ve made this far. I’m trying to build a tribe of women who love to help others, whether they’ve gone through the difficulties I’ve gone through or not. The United States has a weight problem, and we’re committed to helping anyone who is ready to help themselves. Everyone knows “how” to lose weight, but everyone doesn’t. Why? Because they have no support or motivation. My Beachbody team has given me the support and motivation I need, and I’m paying it forward. I’m continuing to lose weight, I’m checking off my goals, and you deserve to as well! If you need help or support, message me. I’d love to have you on my team. I have new accountability groups each month.  

"If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse."
 - Dwayne Johnson

FB: SelinaGetsLeaner
IG: anything4selina

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