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Annyeonghaseyo: The Sisons Take Over Asia

4:18 AM

  Honestly, it's been one helluva rollercoaster ride being stationed away from my husband. Spending our first year of marriage apart was probably the most challenging thing that we've done. There were a lot of milestones that we haven't been able to hit due to our current circumstance, but we've always found a way to make it work. With that being said, we've tried knocking on this door before, and it was blatantly closed in our face with no explanation. I nearly gave up all hope to be stationed together or even slightly closer to him, but my husband gave me the will to try one more time. So this time, I pushed harder, and they answered.
  I will be moving to South Korea to join my husband in hopes of kind of starting a normal married life. All of the thousand dollar flights and layovers in different countries, and backwards planning for vacations will somewhat be put to rest. We'll no longer be on opposite sides of the world chasing each other on Skype as one wakes up and the other goes to sleep. I won't be here preferring the night shift life just so I can spend a few more hours talking to him on the phone.
  Same time zone, same hemisphere, same country. My hopes in this "married couples program" was diminishing because of mine and my husband's career field differences, but I'm so glad that our leadership somehow made it happen.
  So be ready y'all. You thought our adventures in Europe were fire. Just wait until you see us rollin' down the streets playin' Mario Kart - the game that started this whole relationship. #blessed

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